Akron & Canton Snow Plowing

Blessed with a relatively humid continental climate due to its location on the world map, Akron is one of the many cities of the different counties of Ohio known to have cold winters, wet springs, warm summers and dry autumns. It is not exactly unheard of that the temperature can drop really low when it comes to winters in this beautiful Ohio city. In fact, it is generally acknowledged that the temperature can drop to as low as 17 °F but in most instances, considerable variation in temperature makes forecasting weather in Akron a real challenge indeed. When it comes to Akron, although snowfall tends to be lighter than in the Snow Belt areas of Ohio, to some extent, snowfall is influenced by Lake Erie. In terms of typical values, for the major part of winter, the Akron-Canton Airport can generally average approximately 46.7 inches of snow per winter. During a typical winter, temperatures can drop below 0 °F on about 6 occurrences, generally only during the nighttime. An all-time record as low as ?25 °F was set in January 1994 and if statistics are anything to go by then winter in Akron is going to be brutal this year round.

Akron snow plowing

If you live in Akron then although your snow plowing needs might not be as great as the people living in Shaker Heights for instance, this year, based on the weather forecasts released by a few of the most influential weather forecasting entities, you will undoubtedly need professional Akron snow plowing service visits on several counts throughout winter. Currently, the snow plowing industry in Akron leaves a lot to be desired with a little over half a dozen snow plowing services operating to service the properties of the residents of Akron. This basically means that not only does Akron snow removal cost a lot; the services run by the snow management professionals operating in Akron are also not at all reliable.

This year, for your Akron snow removal needs, you can rely on National Plowing and our unlimited monthly Akron snow plowing service. For a small monthly fee, you can unlock access to unlimited monthly snow plowing. Each time snowfall exceeds 2 inches, we will come to you and we will clear your driveway before you get to notice that it snowed the night before. This winter, if you don’t want to have anything to do with snow plowing then you want to take under advisement our business offer and you can bet that you won’t ever wake up to a blocked driveway this coming winter.

If Akron has a continental climate then it follows that so does Canton. Much like is the case with Midwestern United States, Canton has very warm summers but when it gets to winter, things can get bad. In Canton, winters tend to be cold, with the average high temperature at 32 °F and average lows of 17 °F with considerable variation in temperatures. Snowfall, although lighter than what the cities in the Snow Belt area have, is influenced to a significant extent by Lake Erie. Per winter, the average Akron-Canton Airport snowfall can sum up to 46.7 inches of snow.

Canton snow removal

When it comes to Canton snow plowing, the residents of the Ohio city tend to take it up to themselves to wake up early morning and clear their driveway of snow to be able to get started with the day. This year, if you want things to be different then you want to try National Plowing’s unlimited monthly Canton snow removal service. Basically, how this particular service works is, as a customer, you set up a subscription with National Plowing via the payment processing company Paypal. Every month, a small fee will be automatically debited from your Paypal account and that gives you access to unlimited monthly snow plowing. Whenever there is snowfall, we will come to you to make sure that you never again wake up to a blocked driveway.

How to set up the Paypal subscription

Whether you want to subscribe for the Akron snow plowing service or the unlimited Canton snow removal plan, you will need to have a Paypal account. At National Plowing, everything is done via Paypal in terms of the processing of financial information. If you don’t have a Paypal account then rest assured that it does not even take 5 minutes for someone to set up an account with Paypal.

If you already have a Paypal account then to subscribe for our unlimited monthly snow plowing service, simply select from the pull-down menu the size of your driveway. The pricing structure for our service is as follows:

Driveways under 1/8 mile = $130.00 monthly

Drive ways over 1/8 mile = $150.00 monthly

Once you select the size of your driveway and you click on the subscribe button, you will be redirected to a Paypal subscription page where you will be required to feed in your financial information. As soon as you subscribe with us, we will debit from your Paypal the fee for the first month. Should it happen that you subscribe for the service in the middle of a month, you will not be charged for the whole month. Part of the fee will be refunded to you based on when you chose to join us at National Plowing. Broadly speaking, suppose you subscribe for the unlimited monthly Akron snow removal service on the 15th of December, you will be refunded half of the fee that you paid for the month of December.

This winter, National Plowing has got the residents of Akron and Canton covered. We are ready to shoulder the responsibility of making winter better for the residents of these absolutely beautiful Ohio cities lying side by side. Over the years, National plowing has developed a service record second to other servicing a few of the most influential commercial buildings and hospitality businesses in Ohio together with a few hundred residential properties. At National Plowing, we only do snow and that makes us a pre-eminent snow and ice management company whose track record speaks for itself.